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Business Ethics Statement and Commitment


   Our company actively responds to customers' requirements of business ethics, forbids corruption and dishonesty with customers or suppliers, and follows the "Six No, One Keep" to achieve it,  namely no bribery, no gifts, no association, no cheating, no cutting corners, no commercial fraud, and keep promises.

All business activities shall follow the standard of integrity, and all forms of corruption, extortion, embezzlement and money laundering shall be prohibited.

It is prohibited to offer or accept bribes or other forms of improper gains, including inappropriate gifts.

Disclose information about business activities, organizational structure, financial condition and performance information in accordance with applicable regulations and major industry practices.

Intellectual property rights should be respected, and the transferring of technology and production experience should be properly protected.

Systems for fair trading, advertising and competition should be made, and measures should be taken to protect customer information.

Protect whistle-blowers and ensure the confidentiality of their identities.

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